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Rina Certification

MBS Monaco RINA Certification – Yachts painting companies – Ship repair

MBS Monaco RINA Certification – Yachts painting companies – Ship repair

RINA SERVICES SpA is a company that provides classification, certification, testing and inspection services (ICT Services) in order to guarantee excellence to organizations in the maritime, environment and energy sectors, infrastructure, transport and logistics, and agrifood.

Due to their continuous investments in R&D and training, they have consolidated exceptional skills in the certification of management systems, products, facilities and personnel for companies of all sizes operating anywhere in the world. world, while developing their main activity of classification and certification of ships.

En tant que société tierce et indépendante, ils livrent leurs services en pleine conformité avec les principes de l’éthique professionnelle, de la transparence, de la confidentialité et de la responsabilité sociale.

RINA is one of the founders of the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies), which since 1968 has made a unique contribution to maritime safety and regulation, through technical activities, compliance verification, research and development.

En garantie de la valeur de leurs certifications et évaluations, ils ont acquis une accréditation approfondie délivrée par des sociétés / organisations d’accréditation internationales, communautaires et nationales.

They are members of the Board of Directors of the International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organizations (CEOC), of the Italian Association of Certification, Inspection, Test and Calibration Companies (CONFORMA) and of the Federation for Italian Certification of Company Quality Systems (CISQ), which represent the main certification companies in Italy.

Finally, through CISQ, they approved the Multilateral Agreement of the International Certification Network (IQNet), the largest international certification network for quality, environmental and safety management systems.